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Tarot Collection

The Underwater Tarot Card Deck, Aqua Summersus, is a set of 78 underwater fine art photographs that follow the ancient, yet timely, story of our journey through life.  It's not a journey from birth through death, but from the foolhardy innocence of youth, the many joys and trials of life, ultimately ending in our ability to reflect on our life and the world we have created for ourselves.

  • 2 years in the making
  • 20 underwater photoshoots
  • 12 models
  • 17 designers
  • 10 months of artistic editing
  • 78 unique and beautiful images

The colorful, inspiring, and mesmerizing images are available as Tarot Card Decks and fine art prints in multiple sizes from 4x6 inches to 40x60 inches. The project is the manifestation of a journey towards personal happiness and a message of encouragement.