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Zodiac Collection

Zodiac Collection

Upon completing photography on my Tarot Card project I found myself sitting endlessly at my computer editing the images. While I enjoyed working on the Tarot images, I was longing to get back into the water so I started taking mental health breaks by photographing my new project: the signs of the Zodiac. 

zodiac Aries fire sign

We started the project in 2021 but it's been slow going as life has gotten in the way. My summer was spent every day at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and my fall was consumed by the illness and untimely death of my beloved aunt.  Ultimately my entirely shooting season was gone and I had only done 3 underwater photoshoots. 


My goal is to photograph more of it in the summer of 2022. But for now, I have some completed and a few more photographed that I haven't edited yet (Leo and Libra).

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