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Limited Editions

Limited Editions

While a majority of my prints are available as an open run, some are very much Limited Editions.  What does that mean? 

An open run means there will be an unlimited number of prints in whichever sizes I print them.  Limited Edition means that there will be a limited number of prints of each size on each particular type of paper.  Once a Limited Edition is sold out then that's it, there will never be any more created. 

Why? Well, artists make decisions on Limited vs open editions for a wide variety of reasons.  While Limited Edition adds value for the buyer, it certainly limits the artists' potential income from that image.  When a print goes up in value over time, the owner of the print reaps the reward of higher resale value while the artist doesn't get anything beyond what they originally sold it for. However, offering a Limited Edition allows an artist to set a premium price and raise that price as the edition is selling out.  This enables us to ensure that our most coveted and beloved pieces of art only go to people who truly value them.

For example, The Ascension of Salacia is a piece that is the closest to my heart.  I have put off offering it to the public for many years, waiting for the perfect paper to be created so that I could print it exactly how I wanted. I worked closely with the premiere paper company Canson Infinity and the Arches Mill in France testing their papers in development and in early 2021 they finally released the most perfect paper I've ever seen, felt, and printed on.  The Ascension of Salacia was made for BFK Rives Pure White. 

With a pure, neutral white base of 100% cotton, museum achievability, the texture of the historically famous art paper BFK Rives and Canson Infinity's revolutionary microporous emulsion this is the paper that enabled me to finally make a perfect print and release this very special piece of artwork out into the world. 

This piece is incredibly close to my heart.  I print each one with great care and love.  And it's signed, numbered, dated and comes with a certificate of Limited Edition that is embossed with a seal and printed on a rare paper that is no longer available.  I want every single person who purchases this piece to value it, care for it, and love it as the unique and valuable piece that it is.  It's available in a number of sizes, all on this same beautiful paper, printed by me, and sprayed with a protectant to seal the microporous emulsion.

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