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The Ascension of Salacia

The Ascension of Salacia

The Ascension of Salacia

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

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From the moment this image debuted to the public in 2016 while winning the Grand Award in WPPI International Print Competition, people have been asking to buy it.  But this image is the closest to my heart and I wasn't willing to release her until I could print it on the perfect paper.  In spring 2021 with the introduction of Canson Infinity Arches BFK Rives Pure White archival fine art paper I am now ready to offer her to the world.  This paper is the legendary Arches BFK Rives made in the famed Arches mill in France, with machinery that has been in use since 1492.  Paired with the modern technology of a revolutionary microporous inkjet receiving layer and a pure white 100% cotton paper base with no optical brighteners this paper is the perfect mix of 15th-century art paper with 21st-century technology.  This is the perfect paper for this image and I'm fortunate to be the first person in the US to have large quantities of it so I can print The Ascension of Salacia myself on my Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-4100 with genuine archival Canon pigment inks.

INSPIRED BY THE ROMAN MYTHOLOGY OF SALACIA, DIVINITY OF THE SEA, THIS IMAGE REPRESENTS OVERCOMING DEEP DESPAIR AND HEARTBREAK. WHILE THERE ARE MANY INTERPRETATIONS OF HER STORY, THIS ONE AFFECTED ME DEEPLY AND INSPIRED ME TO CREATE THIS IMAGE. Salacia was forced to marry Neptune and he dragged her to the bottom of the ocean. She had a choice, to stay down there and wallow in sadness or lift herself up to the light. Ultimately she chose the light and rose to the surface of the water. Once there she found her true self, her strength, dignity, and beauty. As is often the case, we rarely make the decision to rise from the depths of our oceans without the help and encouragement of our loved ones. For women, this is very frequently our girlfriends. This image is a testament to the power of friends, particularly girlfriends, and making the often difficult decision to leave a deep, dark world and choose to rise up to the life we want, and deserve. Often times the action comes before the resulting good feelings. The struggle of Salacia’s action is obvious in the strain of her neck as she reaches for the surface, and her own reflection, to find herself.

Printed on BFK Rives Pure White, unframed, signed, and numbered in verso with a certificate of edition.

  • edition of 10 - 40x60 on 44x64  - $5000
  • edition of 15 - 24x36 on 26x38   - $2500
  • edition of 25 - 16x20 on 17x22  - $1800
  • edition of 50 -  12x18 on 13x19 - $1200
  • edition of 100  - 8x10 on 8.5x11  - $300
  • edition of 200   -   5x7  on  5x7      - $50
  • edition of 20 - 4x5.9 Handmade Awagami
  • Shiramine paper  - $65


+2 AP and +1 for Model, Prices are subject to increase as editions sell out.


Underwater photograph.

Artist's watermark will NOT be printed on printed images.

All Images are printed true to size (8x10, 16x20, etc.) on sheets slightly larger than the image size resulting in a border.

 8x10s and smaller are shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard mailer.

16x20 and larger sizes are signed on the back by the artist and shipped in heavy-duty cardboard tubes.

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