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Printing my own work is really really important to me.  It’s the only way I can have complete control over my final piece of artwork.  My goal has always been to be what I consider a “complete artist” - come up with an idea, produce the photo shoot, do the post-processing myself and then print it myself. 
For 12 years I searched the globe to find someone who could teach me how to print at the highest level of digital printmaking. It was an exercise in frustration that led to a lot of tears, disappointment, and ultimately, anger.  I felt like a failure for not being able to do it myself and that was reinforced by the condescension I was treated with by the “experts” in the field who couldn't answer my questions. The industry has done a rather poor job of setting us up for success. 
Long story short, an industry leader introduced me to Eric Joseph of Freestyle Photographic Supplies in Hollywood, California and my life was changed forever. I gave him a file of my work and he made one single perfect print for me that reduced me to tears and put me on the path to success. He became my mentor, and I have been learning everything I possibly can from him ever since.  With his guidance, I have learned the "hows and whys" of printing and have become very proficient at printing my own work.  To this day he is still the only person I have ever met who teaches fine art digital printing in a way that is easy to understand and guarantees a perfect print every single time. The ability to print my own work perfectly every single time has led me to a level of success that I never thought I could achieve. There is no lab that can make a print at the same quality that I can and I will never settle for “good enough” ever again.  

Occasionally I teach classes on printing with Eric. 

Please see my schedule on my blog here for more information. 


Here is Eric Joseph's schedule and some

very valuable resources and services he offers:

Online and in Person
Classes through LACP
(Los Angeles Center of Photography):

Don't know enough about printing? Start Here: 

The Myths and Mysteries of Inkjet Printing:

General Education and Information about Inkjet Printing on Freestyle Site:

Inkjet Paper Comparison Chart:


Ready for some personalized help? Go Here: 

Inkjet paper Psychotherapy Session:

Custom Paper ICC profiles

Technical Support one-on-one with Eric Joseph


Traveling Workshops and Conferences:

Photo Creators Conference 2022 and 2023
 Tucson, AZ
Northern California Tour - August 2022 and Sept 2023
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