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"When are you going to make a book?"  I've been hearing that request since I started on this adventure of underwater fine art photography.  For a variety of reasons I haven't done it yet but I did envision creating a large fine art Calendar as a way to combine numerous pieces of art in one wall display. 

Every year since 2016 I have made a fine art Calendar with my photographs.  I don't know about you but I use a calendar on my phone to plan out my life so I wanted to create something that is more of a piece of artwork than an actual day planner.  The Calendar needed to be large, heavyweight, excellent quality, and display a wide variety of my images. They aren't inexpensive because I prefer to have them printed by a high-quality printer in the United States.

It takes me a month to plan out the Calendar, making sure each image is appropriate for that month then prepping each image to be printed at 11x17 inches.  Offering it on Kickstarter in October or November has been my best bet so far.  That way I was able to best discover how many calendars to order.  The sweet spot seems to be around 100 to 120.  I make one order for Calendars and once they are gone, they are gone forever. We've sold out every year.  Every single one since 2021 is signed and numbered by me.

Orders come in from all over the globe.  It excites me to no end that people around the world see my artwork every day. People email and message me to share their joy each month when they change the Calendar page. Being an artist can be very isolating so getting this feedback means so much to me.

My goal is to sell enough Calendars so that I can give one to each of the models who are featured in the Calendar.  One of the highlights of my year is delivering them, in person, to each model.  This is a project that brings as much happiness to me as it does to those who own these Calendars themselves or give them as gifts.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me and my artwork by ordering a Calendar every year!  You enable me to keep creating the artwork that I love making.  


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