Gallery Exhibition Show
The Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh  
Cheryl’s dream is to have something more than a “gallery show” but rather an “Exhibition Event,” a celebration of not only her work but the creative spirits that contributed to it and the peaceful relaxation she feels while creating it.  Orange County Center for Contemporary Art's 6,300 square foot gallery, in her hometown of Santa Ana, has allowed her the familiar space and freedom to welcome the public into the world she lives in - full of magical sights, feelings, relationships and experiences.  She explores the stories behind her images, their meanings, how they were created, and ultimately celebrates the amazing artisans that she works with. Without these fellow creatives, designers, seamstresses, milliners, metal-smiths, and models she would be very lonely, taking photos of clear, empty water.  Almost exclusively women, their incredible talents and hard work as independent working artists has played a pivotal role inspiring Cheryl to create her images. On display are gowns, headpieces, wigs, corsets, crowns, videos, faerie wings and mermaid tails, alongside the finished fine art prints and their stories.  All of the fine art prints, from nine of her most popular series, are printed by the artist herself. They showcase the multiple fine art papers that are an integral part of her finished art pieces, culminating in her own unique artistic signature. Along with large scale, elaborately framed prints on thick, beautifully textured, European, fine art papers are images on translucent, mulberry bark based, Japanese papers.  Window coverings, wallpaper, hanging scrolls, small embellished cabochon necklaces and a large room divider, all printed with Cheryl’s art, create an experience for viewers beyond a traditional gallery show. Working with a lighting designer utilizing projection and environmental stimulus, Cheryl created an “Underwater Experience” room. This allows the viewer a glimpse into the sensations that Cheryl experiences at the bottom of her pool and offers a full sensory explanation into the reasons why she works underwater.  As an artist in residence, Cheryl will give an artist’s talk with her collaborators and be on hand for conversation as she works at various times on recent projects.

On Oct 5th you and your friends and family are invited to the opening of  
“The Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh” 
at OCCCA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, 
in Santa Ana, Southern California.  
The show runs for 3 weeks in October, from the 5th to the 26th. 
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
Located in the Historic Downtown 
Santa Ana Artists' Village
117 North Sycamore Street
(Corner of 2nd and Sycamore)
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA
General Admission is FREE
Hours: Thur-Sun 12pm-5pm
Closed Major holidays, and during installation of new exhibitions
Information available on the website